Monday, November 17, 2008

Olive Taste-Off Winner

We had a wonderful time Saturday, Nov 15 at The Wine Country Inn for our Olive Oil Taste-Off, which was the culminating event in our four-day "Ode to the Olive" celebration. Three celebrity judges blind-tasted four Napa Valley olive oils, and also answered questions and conversed with Wine Country Inn guests (we were nearly sold out -- there was one available room!). The judges were the Inn's own Innkeeper, Jim Smith; Chef Lars Kronmark from our neighbor the Culinary Institute of America (CIA); and Diane DeFilipe, an expert on Italian food and olive oil through her Italian touring company, Let's Go Cook Italian.

And the winner was... Harris Ranch Napa Valley! The judges loved this organic extra virgin olive oil's flavor (of course), but also its aroma and that spicy/peppery taste that hits the back of the mouth. (When tasting olive oils, it's a GOOD thing to cough! No, seriously!) Congratulations to the brother and sister team of Gingy Harris Gable and Jody Harris who own and run Harris Ranch Napa Valley. The winning olive oil retails for $38 per 500ml bottle. For more information or to purchase this fine Napa Valley olive oil, visit their web site at

Stay tuned for more re-cap info soon on the Ode to the Olive event... and as we begin looking forward to our New Year's Eve celebration.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ode to the Olive: Events Schedule

Here is the schedule for our 2008 Ode to the Olive event:

Wed., Nov 12:
Breakfast - selection of dips and olives
Afternoon wine service - Kendall-Jackson Winery and Pearl Wonderful Clothing

Thur., Nov 13:
Breakfast - selection of dips and olives
Afternoon wine service - 'Ode to the Martini' with Charbay Vodka; displays by Christopher Hill Art Gallery

Fri., Nov 14:
Breakfast - selection of dips and olives
Afternoon wine service: William Harrison Winery; olive oil tasting with Long Meadow Ranch

Sat., Nov 15:
Breakfast - selection of dips and olives
10:30 a.m. - tour of Long Meadow Ranch
Afternoon wine service: Rutherford Hill Winery; Olive Oil 'taste off'

For information or reservations, please call the Wine Country Inn toll-free at 1-888-465-4608.