Monday, January 7, 2008

Winter Secrets

Today I'd like to share a Napa Valley insider's secret with you: Yes, it's our "winter time" right now, and that means the occasional dose of rain (which can be, sometimes, quite large). But winter is also a GREAT time to visit the Napa Valley. It's true--I kid you not!

Why is this time of year a great time to visit the Napa Valley? Well, for example:
* There are far fewer people, making it much easier to dine and taste wine.
* The wineries and restaurants are much more relaxed, meaning that it's much easier for you to make a personal connection with them.
* And at the Wine Country Inn, you can stay AND save money with our off-season rates.

And if in fact it does rain, you can always curl up with your loved one by a fire in your room with a great bottle of wine and one of our cheese and fruit plates and,'ll figure it out.

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