Sunday, July 6, 2008

Event 5: SALSA! with Jim

What, a salsa showdown?

That's right! Please consider joining us at the Wine Country Inn on Friday, September 4 when our Innkeeper, Jim Smith, will be preparing his famous salsa (many of you have had this -- and raved about it -- during the Inn's afternoon wine service in the summer months...). Jim will be talking about fresh ingredients (right from our gardens), pepper varieties, and so on. In addition, certified natural chef Monica Sallouti (see pic) will also be creating one of her own unique salsa recipes. We won't quite do an Iron Chef-type thing (Jim would have to win, or there'd be H*** to pay...) but you will get a chance to try two amazing salsas, learn about the Napa Valley's bountiful vegetable harvest, and receive recipes you, too, can use at home.

In addition, our friends at Envy Wines will be on hand sharing several of their wines. Plus, either Envy winemaker Nils Venge or cellarmaster Richard Carter will be on hand to discuss what they are pouring and answer your questions (and cheer on Jim, too). Own Chef Guy will be preparing a salad and other goodies for those interested in a light lunch.

Don't miss this fun, summertime, peppers-and-garlic-and-wine good time!

Thursday, September 4
Noon - 2:00 p.m.
at the Wine Country Inn (registered guests only, please)
$45 per person

Come join us! To reserve your spot or make a reservation at the Inn, please call our staff toll-free at 1-888-465-4608.

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